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Some Changes [2.1.0]

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@ShaneBeee ShaneBeee released this
· 44 commits to master since this release

This update brings so small fixes and some big internal changes.


See release for SkBee 2.0.0 regarding BIG NBT changes.
(Please actually read it, I'm getting sick and tired of people who skim it and then have no clue how it works, and bitch and complain about it)



  • In the NBT spawn entity/set block effects, make "nbt" option to prevent typing nbt twice in code like spawn blah with nbt nbt compound from ...
  • Big changes to recipes' IDs, allowing for custom namespaces in recipe IDs
  • Better errors when recipe IDs are invalid
  • Big changes to hidden ItemFlag expression, now has its own type (some of you might get an error, please see new ItemFlag type/expression in docs)
  • Dumbify boss bar expression when getting already created boss bars (if getting a boss bar by name, and including title and stuff, it will update)


  • Fixed an issue with HEX colors not working in hover events
  • Fixed an issue with adding to tab completions
  • Fixed an error when recipe key is null in discovery effect