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How to Suggest Changes

🎉 Thanks for contributing! 🎉 🌟

All submissions must be licensed under Apache License 2.0 or MIT for inclusion. This provides for maximum re-use by others in other projects and simplifies the licensing NOTICE for this repository.

Substantiative changes, or changes to descriptions of specific FOSS Foundations should either be made by a GitHub user clearly associated with that Foundation's board or officers, or should include a comment pointing to a link on that Foundation's site validating the change. Factual data about organizations is simple to verify with a link; however I want to be sure that each organization's officers can have a say in any descriptive text presented here about their Foundation.

If you have:

  • a question or see a problem, please open a GitHub Issue with a detailed description.
  • a specific suggestion or improvement, please open a GitHub Pull Request with the change.
  • a larger change to propose or new idea, please open a GitHub Issue to start a discussion before doing more work.

Reminder: Please be excellent to each other.

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