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[DEPRECATED] My personal front end development framework. Inspired by many others and merged into a style that works for me.
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What is WebDev.css?

This is a simple responsive framework used and compiled by myself, Shane Hudson, for use on a number of projects.

It is heavily based upon Toast and Foundation. All credit is given in both the appropriate places as well as in humans.txt which is a movement that I strongly support.

This framework is being actively updated, currently it has not been thoroughly tested in all browsers and devices. Feel free to fork or do whatever you like with the code.

Where the license has not been specifically stated, the project is under no license. Please use it for whatever you would like, credit is appreciated but all I ask is you keep the credit to the other projects I have used in this framework. Of course, no warrenties or anything… though you are welcome to submit issues or pull requests.

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