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Two Battling Dudes: An accessible fighting game

Shane O'Malley's Final Year Project for the University of Limerick

This project is my final year project for the Computer Games Development course (LM110) in the University of Limerick.

This is a traditional two-player, two-dimensional fighting game inspired by the Street Fighter series of games.

As a competitive fighting game player, I have wondered why the competitive fighting game community is small compared to that of other genres such as MOBAs and FPSs. While not the sole reason, I believe that a substantial factor in this is the difficulty of execution in these games, and how much of a nuisance they prove to be for new players.

The goal of this project is to create a fighting game which is as accessible as possible to new players, but still accommodates all of the elements of high level play including space control, reactions, baiting and mind games. This game should lower the skill floor, but maintain the skill ceiling, so to speak.

I will do this by making every move in the game executable with the press of one button, or by pressing a button while holding a direction. Also, systems which accommodate long and execution-heavy combos will be restricted, such as the juggle systems found in most traidtional fighting games. This should place more importance of landing few, but well-placed hits on their opponent, and reduce the amount of time drilling combos for their character.


Most of the art was not done by me.

Characters are from Street Fighter Alpha 3 by Capcom. Ripped from the arcade version of the game by the team at

Wall of China stage is from Street Fighter Alpha 2 by Capcom. Ripped from the arcade version of the game by OldGamer at


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