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A Chip-8 Emulator Written in Python
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Chip-8 Emulator in Python

by Shane O'Malley

This is a quick project I did to learn more about emulation.

Python 3 and pygame( is required to run the program

I used this page for reference: I do not take credit for any of the games included, most of them were made by David Winter:

The Chip-8 system used a hexadecimal keypad (keys 0 - F). This emulator uses the following mapping:

	Emulator        Chip-8 System
	|1|2|3|4|         |1|2|3|C|
	|Q|W|E|R|   ==>   |4|5|6|D|
	|A|S|D|F|         |7|8|9|E|
	|Z|X|C|V|         |A|0|B|F|

In addition to this, you can also speed up and slow down emulation using the + and - keys

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