1st Merigar Hackathon - Programmers for Tibetan Culture
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Welcome to 1st Merigar Hackathon


Thank You for your submission to Merigar Hackathon. Great to have you onboard!! :)

With this event, we are initiating the broader campaign “Programmers for Tibetan Culture” in which all programmers and institutions which recognize the value of Tibetan culture are welcome to collaborate on related Open Source projects for the benefit of all.

For sure your help will be appreciated. Hackathon is not only good opportunity to have some fun contributing to the useful project but its great place to learn something new...

Please choose a project taking into account your preferences and skills.

We don't pretend to deliver at the end fully fledged and polished product, but rather a workable prototype for proving given idea.

All projects will be published under Open Source MIT License and can be used freely later by SSF, IDC or any other organization or person.

Hackathon Project

Spread the news and register here now!


  • online, on site (Merigar)

You can work on following projects

All projects will be hosted on GitHub. Check each of them for more info:

Common Requirements

Desired knowledge

Possible Project Roles

  • Designer, UX Expert - prepares basic interface design
  • Hacker - developers code related with his tasks to reach defined milestone
  • Project Coordinator
    • helps build the project team
    • coordinates assigning roles and tasks
    • coordinates assigning project tasks and milestones
    • overlook of project development
    • animates members to complete tasks and milestones
    • in the measure of capacity steps into the development process
    • collaborates in the presentation of final project
  • Tester - test project
  • Collaborator - carry away various non-programming tasks necessary for the project
  • Stakeholder - person understanding well domain of the project

There can be scenarios, of course, when the same person can undertake various roles

Proposed Project development steps:

  1. Teambuilding - completing small team (around 3-5 persons)
  2. Connecting team to the communication channels at https://hackathon.shangshungfoundation.org/
  3. Brainstorming
  4. checking team members time availability
  5. Assigning roles
  6. Asigning milestones with deadlines (with GitHub issues)
  7. Assigning tasks (with GitHub projects)
  8. Development
    • creation of interface wireframe
    • interface design
    • frontend/backend developement
  9. Testing
  10. Presentation

Hackathon Programme (all hours in Italian Time GMT+2):

  • Friday 15h
    • Intro, Projects Presentation
    • Project Brainstorming
    • Organizing project teams, tasks, roles, etc
  • Saturday 10 - 13h, 14:30-18:30h
    • Projects development
  • Sunday
    • 10 - 13h Projects development
    • 15 - 17h closure, Projects Presentation, brainstorming future developments

Collaboration Steps

  1. Send your GitHub user name to the organizer to be added to the development team
  2. Pull to get most recent code
  3. Create branch with name of feature you are working on git branch -b __feature_name__
  4. Commit often
  5. Test well your code
  6. Merge with master if eveything works
  7. Push


@K1000 Kamil Selwa - k.selwa (at) shangshunginstitute.org

### Resources