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🔥 Real time private chatting app but using Angular (Lastest), Nodejs, MongoDB and
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Real time private chatting app using Angular Nodejs mongodb and

As the title reads, This app is private chat application built using Angular (version 6.1.3). This is SPA application, which uses ng-bootstrap. Server-side is written in Nodejs (version 8.9.4) and MongoDB(version 3.6.3).

This project was generated with Angular CLI version 6.0.8.

Angular Code

Code for Angular application is in Angular folder.

Nodejs API Code

Code for Angular application is in Nodejs API folder.

Explanation and Blog Post

I have written a complete article on this application in three parts, for more details and Code explanation.

  1. Blog Post Part 1 => Covers the prerequisites, server configuration setup and REST API along with integration on the server.
  2. Blog Post Part 2 => This part covers the configuration our angular application and application Routing and implementation our application’s services.
  3. Blog Post Part 3 => Implementation of Login and Registration functionality.
  4. Blog Post Part 4 => Building homepage of the application where the user actually can chat with each other.

Looking for Plain Old AngularJS

I have written this application in AngularJs as well, Read this popular Blog post.

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