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LA Crime Data Analysis


This is a data science practice that focuses on the crime analysis in LA with Apache family (Spark/Kafka/Hadoop/HDFS/Yarn/Zookeeper/Flink).

I have been living in LA for over one year and I received some safety warnings from our Department of Public Safety from time to time. I feel necessary to know about how the crimes distributed in LA so that I don't have to worry that much when I am out for dinner.

All projects are produced by myself and feel welcome to comment in the issue section.

    1. Setup (To handle big data with distributed systems)
    • Build an extensible cluster of 2 workers and 1 master with VMWare.
    • (optional) Configured the distributed environment for HDFS and Spark and used Yarn to manage resources.
    1. Batch Analysis (To live more safely by better understanding of the crime distribution)
    • Stored the large dataset on a distributed file system with HDFS and manage the cluster with Yarn.
    • Preprocessed the raw data, cleaned the anomaly, filtering targeted data, and calculate statistics with Spark.
    • Visualized the crime trend and distribution among with different attributions (e.g. time/gender/year/location) with Seaborn and Matplotlib.
    • Clustered the center of aggressive crimes and get a better understanding of the safety of neighborhood with KMeans in Spark MLLib. Please check the notebook for more details.
  • 2_1. Streaming Analysis (To build a real-time crime alarming system)
    • Designed a flexible simulation framework that transform a batch file to streams according to the time.
    • Directed the streaming data come from the producer to Spark with Kafka.
    • Analyzed the number of crimes in LA, number of crimes in my neighborhood, top-5 crime types, top-5 crime locations with Spark DStream.
    • Calculated the statistics on different time-level (last hour/last 6 hours/last 12 hours) with Spark Windowed Streaming
    • Optimized the parsing procedure of structured stream for a better performance with the Spark Structured Streaming.
  • 2_2. Streaming with Flink
    • Developed a streaming pipeline to calculate the recently reported crimes for different kinds with Flink in scala.

Happy Coding and Live Safely :)


Analyze the pattern of LA crime in both batch and stream with Apache family.




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