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6.0.1 (2017-12-18)

  • Breaking change: Removed Google+ and YouTube sharers from podspec. Their vendor's sdk do not work anymore, and these sharers should be rewritten from scratch.
  • Breaking change: Commented out Pocket and Evernote sharers from podspec. Their vendor's sdk do not work with use_frameworks! setting in podfile. So they are not available for Swift projects. You can still use them in objective-c projects though, just uncomment lines in the podspec. You might want to fork ShareKit for this.
  • Breaking change: Removed long deprecated SHKActionSheet in favor of SHKAlertController
  • This is a maintenance release to remove all blockers and dysfunctional parts so that ShareKit builds on Xcode9.

5.0.0 (2016-01-02)

  • Breaking change: Pinterest sharer updated to a new sdk. You have to register your app again and obtain a new (oauth) app id. Pinterest.embeddedFramework was removed due to this change and replaced with submodule. Unfortunately, Pinterest sharer is not yet available via Cocoapods, due to this PinterestSDK issue. Other changes needed: see install wiki (ATS setting in info.plist, new url loading scheme, header search path set to submodules dir, application:openURL:sourceApplication:annotation callback for Pinterest due to SSO)
  • Added image and file share to Pinterest sharer. Please note, that at the moment they need URL filled in SHKItem too, due to another PinterestSDK issue.
  • VKontakte video share

4.0.10 (2015-12-24)

  • Fixed podspec (all sharers now work via cocoapods) + project. Sorry it took so long... but here it is, finally
  • Facebook iOS SDK updated to 3.24.1
  • Deployment target raised to 7.0 (due to Facebook-iOS-SDK)


  • added WhatsApp sharer, capable of all types of shares
  • Facebook iOS SDK is updated to 3.22


  • Breaking change: deprecated SHKActionSheet, introduced SHKAlertController (see #992)


  • GooglePlus sdk updated to 1.7.1
  • the demo app is not a part of this repo anymore. You can find it here. The reasons for this change are in the commit description.


  • new (optional) html formatting for SHKTextMessage (via item.isHTMLText)


  • simplified and reworked SHKFacebook. It was too complicated to keep it reliable. Updated to use Facebook-ios-sdk 3.16. Added file upload status reporting. Breaking changes:
    1. SHKFacebook does SSO authorisation only. If you wish to use SSO for users without account in iOS and social.framework for others see the implementation of - (NSNumber*)forcePreIOS6FacebookPosting in DefaultSHKConfigurator
    2. SHKFacebook no longer exposes reference to FBRequestConnection. Now each SHKFacebook instance encapsulates one and only one FBRequestConnection.
  • added Open in 1Password action
  • added Open in Chrome action


  • Added Pinterest sharer. In case you do subproject install you need to add Pinterest.embeddedframework to link binary with libraries AND copy bundle resources build phases of your app's target.
  • UI enhancement: if URL is a picture, or item.URLPictureURI is set the image is fetched and shown in share dialogue.
  • Added new configuration item SHKSharerDelegateSubclass. You can easily enhance UI reaction to various share events. However, if you only want to change HUD, you can rather override SHKActivityIndicatorSubclass


  • added OneNote sharer. You need to add LiveSDK.framework to link binary with libraries AND copy bundle resources build phases of your app's target.
  • if the service supports it file uploads utilise NSInputStream (without loading complete file into memory)
  • more sharers can report upload progress (Flickr, Plurk, Tumblr, iOSTwitter, iOSFacebook)
  • added SHKAccountsViewController. It displays a list of available services, their authorisation status, logged in username and allows to login/logoff.
  • more sharers canGetUserInfo:Hatena, Foursquare, Evernote. Now all sharers have implemented + (NSString *)username
  • added SHKUploadsViewController. It keeps a track of uploads progress + you can cancel uploads from there. Only sharers reporting progress are shown (currently Dropbox, YouTube).


  • Methods declared in SHKSharer.h intended to be used only by sharer subclasses were moved into SHKSharer_protected.h. Possible breaking change: if you use your own SHKSharer subclass, import SHKSharer_protected.h in implementation file.
  • You can supply custom SHKActivityIndicator subclass using - (Class)SHKActivityIndicatorSubclass method in your configurator. Possible breaking change: In case you have your own share delegate, make sure it implements, or inherits all new SHKActivityIndicator calls, otherwise indicator might not display, or dismiss well.
  • Dropbox enhancements:
    1. can get userInfo,
    2. user can pick directory where to save the file or you can pre fill it via item.dropboxDestinationDirectory.
    3. shows upload progress
  • TextMessage sharer can accept attachments for iMessage or MMS
  • ShareKit can send successful share response included in SHKSendDidFinishNotification's userInfo. Currently implemented for Dropbox only.
  • Facebook-ios-sdk updated to 3.11


  • Google+ SDK updated to 1.5.0 Breaking change: you have to add AddressBook.framework


  • Native sharing for Google+. This means share sheet is presented within the app, instead of a trip to mobile Safari. As a bonus, image (UIImage or file) and video file share has been added. There is a breaking change: GTL subproject and Google Plus SDK target have been removed. You have to add Frameworks/GoogleOpenSource.framework to your project instead (also if you use YouTube only). Also add Frameworks/GooglePlus.bundle
  • Enhanced URL share for LinkedIn (you can explicitly set picture and description via item.URLPictureURI and item.URLDescription. Deprecated facebookURLShareDescription and facebookURLSharePictureURI as they were Facebook specific.)
  • Flickr can share photo file (thus preserves exif info) and video. No longer needs ObjectiveFlickr submodule.
  • Added new configuration option for Flickr - (NSString *)flickrPermissions
  • LinkedIn can get user info
  • iOS Twitter sharer is now fully standalone, can share video and large photos via yfrog, can fetch user info. Everything is handled via SLRequest.
  • iOS Facebook can share videos, fetch user info via SLRequest. In case you remove SHKFacebook, there is no need for Facebook-ios-sdk nor app delegates calls and URL scheme in info.plist
  • New configuration option - (NSNumber *)useAppleShareUI You can choose, if iOS sharers use Apple's UI, or ShareKit's own (potentially customised for your app)
  • Convenient [SHKSharer username] method so that you can display logged user in your app