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SSKeychain missing but actually there #191

iprebeg opened this Issue · 10 comments

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I created new git based project, did install as submodule, then added dragged from finder to project tree, added Classes/ShareKit but when I compile i get "SSKeychain.h" file not found" in SHK.m, although SSKeychain.h is present at ShareKit/Core/Helpers/Keychain.

Any help on this please?


Ok, fixed by removing reference and then re-ading it. Similar crap happened to .m file (clang reported no input) so did same, wrx now.


I did the same, but it worked. It seems that the demo project file is ok.



I'm having the same problem and removing reference and re-adding isn't seem to be solving it.
Demo project works fine as well.

I've been on it for the last couple of hours so I'd appreciate any other ideas on how to solve it.


You can try to clean your project, or clean build folder. Then run again. If demo works, the mess must be in your project. You can remove all files from yours, and drag shareKit dir from demo project again, then clean and compile.


Thanks! It's a new project created within xCode so I can't see what problems I'm introducing.
Couple of days ago I didn't have the same problem.

Anyways I copied the SSKeychain.h/m for the time being to move on, and I'll get back to it later on


Caused because some elements were using Project relative paths, which apparently the 'duplicate' routing of Xcode 4.2 doesn't always seem to resolve properly when duplicating.

Should be fixed with #202


I encountered this issue as well. Removing/adding the file fixed it.


Hi, I'm still having issues with this. Removing and re-adding the SSKeychain.h / m files does not work. It still gives SSKeychain.h not found.

Any ideas? Thanks


see #202, unfortunately it is not pulled yet. Needs to be tested. You (and anyone interested) can test, and report feedback, if it helped. If there are enough positive reviews, we will merge the request.


Just confirmed #202 fixes the problem & merged it.

@clozach clozach closed this
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