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What is ShareKit?

ShareKit is open source, drop-in share features for all iOS apps. You can check, what's new here.

Why is ShareKit?

Because otherwise every iOS developer would have to individually track and maintain disparate SDK integrations for each sharing service for each app that has sharing features. ShareKit keeps you DRY.

Who is ShareKit?

While Nate Weiner gets credit for his excellent work in getting the ball rolling, the open source community has been making contributions since nearly the beginning. The canonical repo here at the ShareKit org is maintained by a dedicated group of ShareKit users whose goal is to ensure that the library continues to be available in a stable form with improvements from the community pulled in on a regular basis.

So who is ShareKit now? You are! We can't do it without your contribution of feedback, features, and fixes.

Where is ShareKit?

It used to be here (and in over 600 forked repositories) and, if you don't mind going off the beaten path, you're welcome to try any of those forks. But we think ShareKit is here at

With the caveat that the source code referenced there is woefully out-of-date, a lot of the info on Nate Weiner's is still very useful. By the way, we'd love your help in consolidating the ShareKit documentation; if you see something super useful on, please feel free to replicate the info here on the Official ShareKit Wiki™!

How is ShareKit (installed)?

In just a few easy steps, lovingly documented here.

Do you have further questions?

Check our FAQ section.

ShareKit includes work from Jon Crosby (OAuthConsumer), Sam Soffes (SSKeychain and [SAMTextView] (, Pierre-Yves Kerembellec (PKMultipartInputStream), Matej Bukovinski (MBProgressHUD), Olivier Poitrey (SDWebImage), Giacomo Saccardo (UIActivityIndicator-for-SDWebImage) and various services official SDK's. It also uses some graphic assets from doubleencore's DETweetComposeViewController.

ShareKit is licensed by the MIT Open Source License.