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This project contains a base version of the Provisioning scripts. By updating a config.xml(config.xml.sample can be used as a base) with the details of a SharePoint site PnP template can be exported and applied.

Getting Started

This section describes:

  1. Installation process
  2. Configure the solution
  3. Software dependencies
  4. Latest releases

Installation ProcessTo install this solution copy the following files and folders to your system.

  • Modules
  • Templates
  • ApplySolution.ps1
  • CollectSoluiton.ps1
  • config.dtd
  • config.xsd
  • config.xml.sample
  • CopySolution.ps1

Configure the solution

To configure the solution update the config.xml using your editor of preference. Config.xml.sample can be useds as a starting point. For more details see the config.xml Documentation.

Software dependencies

To run the scripts provided you will need:

  • PowerShell The solution comes with PnP PowerShell. Later versions can be added to the Modules folder found in the root of this project.

Latest releases

This is the first release.

Build and Test

No build is needed. Simply copy the full folder of this project to a new project to get started on a new project. Changes to scripts in this project should be made initially in the development branch only.

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