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Note - the "MicrosoftProducts" field is not included
in this solution.
Either change this to the name of your Taxonomy field,
or add a new field of type Taxonomy using the name "MicrosoftProducts"
(create it without a space or the internal name will be wrong!)
Note - If you want to use the sample term set then you can import
it into your Term Store using the "Products.csv" file in the
TermSet solution folder. Just go to the Term Management tool and select
"import terms".
You'll then need to include two JavaScript files on the page (either by
binding it to a field in the list using JSLink, or just by adding it to
the Edit and New forms by updating the JSLink property on the List Form
Web Parts).
~sitecollection/Style Library/OfficeDevPnP/Branding.JSLink/Generics/ManagedMetadata.js|~sitecollection/Style Library/OfficeDevPnP/Branding.JSLink/TemplateOverrides/TaxonomyOverrides.js
For more information on doing this please refer to the documentation
associated with this sample.
// create a safe namespace
var jslinkOverride = window.jslinkOverride || {};
jslinkOverride.Taxonomy = {};
jslinkOverride.Taxonomy.Templates = {
Fields: {
'MicrosoftProducts': {
'NewForm': jslinkTemplates.Taxonomy.editMode,
'EditForm': jslinkTemplates.Taxonomy.editMode
jslinkOverride.Taxonomy.Functions = {};
jslinkOverride.Taxonomy.Functions.RegisterTemplate = function () {
// register our object, which contains our templates
jslinkOverride.Taxonomy.Functions.MdsRegisterTemplate = function () {
// register our custom template
// and make sure our custom view fires each time MDS performs
// a page transition
var thisUrl = _spPageContextInfo.siteServerRelativeUrl + "Style Library/OfficeDevPnP/Branding.JSLink/TemplateOverrides/TaxonomyOverrides.js";
RegisterModuleInit(thisUrl, jslinkOverride.Taxonomy.Functions.RegisterTemplate)
if (typeof _spPageContextInfo != "undefined" && _spPageContextInfo != null) {
// its an MDS page refresh
} else {
// normal page load