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The Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices project was announced at the end of July 2014 and there has been tremendous interest for the project since, which we truly appreciate! We have received lots of valuable contributions from the community and input on the overall planning. This wiki page is collecting the highlights from the past month.

We will also cover the details of the latest release during our February community call on Tuesday February 10th. If you are interested on seeing some of the new samples in action and hear about the future then feel free to join that call.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please participate in our discussions in the Office 365 Patterns and Practices Yammer group at We already have more than 1700 members in this group with lively discussions on different app model related topics.


This is the last version holding the obsolete methods for PnP Core component. Next release will be the March one in which we go to version 1.0 and will remove all the obsolete methods from the PnP Core component.

Latest changes


  • PnP Core: Lots of re-factoring done to improve code quality and completeness:
    • Throttling support added across PnP Core library via the ExecuteQueryRetry extension method
    • All non SharePoint specific extensions are marked as obsolete and will be dropped when we go to v1.0 during the March 2015 update
    • Cleanup of usings, comments, ...
    • List permission setting support added
    • Use XDocument instead of XmlDocument
    • Improved taxonomy import and export routines
    • Language agnostic retrieval of page library
    • Added CredentialManager utility class
    • Custom actions extensions can now also be used on the Site object (next to the Web object)
    • Both PnP Core Nuget packages (cloud and on-premises) have been also updated accordingly.
  • New sample Core.UserProfiles.Sync shows how to push user profile properties from Azure AD to the SharePoint user profile store
  • New sample Core.ODataBatch shows how to perform batching of REST requests
  • New sample Core.WebPartOnAppWebPage shows how to provision a web part to a app web page by using a module
  • New sample Provisioning.Hybrid.Simple demonstrates the simplest possible hybrid setup with Azure storage queues, WebJobs and Service Bus relay
  • Updated sample Office365Api.Overview has been completely revamped: it now uses the Office 365 RTM API and a brand new MVC sample application has been added
  • Updated sample Core.JavaScriptCustomization now properly deals with Minimal Download Strategy (MDS)
  • Updated sample OD4B.NavLinksInjection now properly deals with Minimal Download Strategy (MDS) and does not show duplicate navigation bars anymore
  • Updated sample AzureAD.GroupMembership now uses Graph API 2.0 and shows some additional scenarios like getting all
  • Updated sample Provisioning.SubSiteCreationApp now does applies a custom theme and logo as part of the sub site provisioning
  • Updated sample Branding.ApplyBranding now supports activation and deactivation of branding
  • Updated component Core.TaxonomyPicker has improved CSS
  • New solution Governance.ContentTypeEnforceRetention shows a console application designed to run periodically as a scheduled task or Azure WebJob. It will crawl all items in given site collections and find old items by last modified date on which you then can perform an action (e.g. archive old items, start a workflow,...)
  • New solution Governance.SiteUsageReport is a background task that gets data for all site collections in a tenant and sends an email with key statistics like used storage quota, the last content modification date, the count of the webs
  • Updated solution **PowerShell.Commands**with additional commands and various other updates. See the changelog of the PowerShell solution for more details
  • New Content Pack that now contains localization and user profile solutions and guidance
  • Updated the FTC reference solution by adding a module that deploys a document to the Contoso library
  • Added January community call presentation

PnP Guidance articles

A new PnP Guidance repository has been setup for working on articles. Part of these articles are already available on MSDN and more will follow. Everyone can update these articles via updating them in github and the changes will flow back to MSDN once the synchronization setup has been completed.

The following articles have been moved over from the PnP guidance:

  • How to handle OneDrive for Business customization
  • How to configure SharePoint Provider-Hosted Apps for distribution
  • How to configure Office 365 API Projects for distribution

Following articles have been added:

  • New: How to deploy Office 365 API samples to Microsoft Azure
  • New: Overview of the new capabilities added per CSOM release
  • New: The guidance of the ECM content pack has been created as articles
  • New: Getting Started with azure WebJobs ("timer jobs") for your Office 365 Sites

Key contributors for the February 2015 release

Here’s the list of most activate contributors (in alphabetical order) during the month December. We are looking forward to continue working with such a talent and hope to get more additional people involved on this joint effort to help the community in the transition towards Office 365 and SharePoint app model techniques.

Thank you for your assistance and contributions from the behalf of the community. You are making a difference!

Here’s the list of Microsoft people who have been closely involved on the PnP work during last month.

Latest statistics

Here's some statistics from the PnP repository. It's great to see for example how our punch card looks like, since it proofs that this is truly a global effort with contributions 24/7.



Punch Card

See About Repository Graphs for more details on above statistics.