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SharePoint Framework Build and Deploy Practices

This repository contains multiple community samples and tools to help you set up continuous integration and continuous deployment for SharePoint Framework and modern customizations.

We do welcome community contributions to the samples and tools folders in this repository for demonstrating different use cases or providing new/updated tools. Notice that if you use 3rd party libraries, please make sure that library allows distribution of it as part of your sample/tool.

Have issues or questions?

Please use the following logic on submitting questions or issues to right location to ensure that they are noticed and addressed as soon as possible.

Additional resources

Using the samples and tools

To build and start using these projects, you'll need to clone and build the projects.

Clone this repository by executing the following command in your console:

git clone

Navigate to the cloned repository folder which should be the same as the repository name:

cd sp-dev-build-extensions


To access the samples use the following command, where you replace sample-folder-name with the name of the sample you want to access.

cd samples
cd sample-folder-name


To access tools you can either download the tool from it's distribution location (npm, ...) or leverage the current repository using the following commands. Replace tool-folder-name with the name of the tool you want to access.

cd tools
cd tool-folder-name


These samples and tools are direct from the feature teams, SharePoint PnP core team ( or shared by the community. We welcome your input on issues and suggestions for new samples. We do also welcome community contributions. If there's any questions around that, just let us know.

Please have a look on our Contribution Guidance before submitting your pull requests, so that we can get your contribution processed as fast as possible. Thx.

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