Rename IPropertyPaneTextFieldProps.onGetErrorMessage to IPropertyPaneTextFieldProps.GetValidationMessage #90

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vman commented Aug 27, 2016

According to the docs, the onGetErrorMessage function is used to determine whether the value of a TextField in the property pane is valid or not. The function returns an error message if value is invalid and returns an empty string if value is valid.

In that case, should it be renamed to something else like GetValidationMessage which makes it clear that the function will return a validation message. The name onGetErrorMessage makes it sound like it will always return an error message.

Also, I don't think the property should start with the word "on". That makes it seem like the associated function would fire when an error message will be received. E.g. An onChange function fires when a change event occurs. Similarly, we expect onGetErrorMessage function to fire when an error message is received which is not the case here.

Here is my sample code:

PropertyPaneTextField('description', {
        label: strings.DescriptionFieldLabel,
        onGetErrorMessage: this._validateDescription

private _validateDescription(value: string): string {
    // If validation is not successful, return a string with error message.
    if (value.length < 10) {
      return "At least 10 characters required";
    else {
      // If validation is successful, return an empty string.
      return "";

Agree, the name of the method assumes an error happened :)


While we're at it. It should not be named onGetErrorMessage. That assumes that we're expecting an event when we get the error message. Proper naming should bet onError or rather onValidation, ie it fires on validation.


OnValidation seems to be the correct one.

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