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Welcome to the SharePoint Framework Developer Preview!

The SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is a page and part model that enables client-side development for building SharePoint experiences. It facilitates easy integration with the SharePoint data, and provides support for open source tooling development.

The SharePoint Framework is still in initial Developer Preview, and it's still rough around the edges. As we work to improve the SharePoint Framework, we'd love your feedback! If you find issues or have new ideas and suggestions for SharePoint Framework, make sure you submit them here. We’ll also be monitoring #spfx, #spfx-webparts, and #spfx-tooling at SharePoint StackExchange as well.

Developer Preview Releases

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Updates & Feedback

To keep track of improvements to the Office 365 Framework, please take a look at:

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Deployment Status

Note: SharePoint Framework web parts are not supported for production use.

The SharePoint Framework is currently available for use in Classic Pages within Office 365 Developer Tenancies. We’ll be expanding coverage to more Office 365 Tenancies over the coming months.

Of course, you can also get started with our SharePoint Workbench to create and test your web parts locally, on your machine.

Have Fun

We look forward to seeing what you build! Please tweet us at @OfficeDev or @SharePoint with the #SPFx tag!