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SharePoint Framework v1.10 release notes

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Release notes for SharePoint Framework 1.10.0

Hello, and welcome to SharePoint Framework Release 1.10.0!

New in this release, preview code for Office Add-Ins and a new Extension type Search Extensions. We also included support for personal apps in Microsoft Teams and Teams mobile support.

Notice that Microsoft Teams mobile support first works in dev preview tenants, but is gradually rolled out more widely.

What's new?

Notice that the Outlook Web Access support is being currently rolled out and can take until end of the release week (10th of January), before it's fully functional in your tenant

What has been changed?

  • The default compiler for new projects is now TypeScript v3.3

  • We have migrated the service itself towards Office UI Fabric React 7. The next drop of SPFx will include support for 3rd party components. You will currently encounter rendering issues if you try and use Office UI Fabric React and have a component that loads the legacy css (either because it was made with version < 1.8.2, or has the UseLegacyCSS flag set to true in the manifest). For more information, see doc coming really really soon.

What is deprecated / getting removed:

  • We are moving towards using require.js for the loader, rather than system.js. This is already the loader used for extensions running in the list app. There shouldn't be a change for you. The next version of SPFx will use the require.js loader for the local workbench. The online workbench will migrate to require.js over the next month or two, but we will have a query string override to help diagnose any issues with new code.

  • We will be removing support for Node 8 in the next release. The goal is to also introduce support for Node 12 at that time.

  • We are deprecating the Knockout based web part template from the Yeoman generator due to low usage. It will be fully removed with the v1.11 release

  • Accessing Microsoft Teams context using this.context.microsoftTeams property has been deprecated, you should be using this.context.sdks.microsoftTeams property instead.

Changes to the service

  • We continue to improve the admin experience around approving API requests in the tenant admin UIs.

How to migrate from 1.9.1 to 1.10.0:

  1. Update package.json and change all the references from 1.9.1 packages and have them reference 1.10.0
  2. Run npm install

If you are doing this to existing solution which you had already executed install command, it's recommended to fully delete the solution specific node_modules folder.

You might want to take advantage of the Office 365 CLI, which provides you an easy step-by-step guidance to upgrade your solutions to latest SharePoint Framework version.

Found some issues?

Please do report any issues you might find to the sp-dev-docs issue list, so that we can help addressing them.

Thanks for your invaluable feedback around the SharePoint Framework. please keep the feedback coming, so that we can help you to be build engaging solutions for Microsoft 365. Thank you.

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