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# Install-SampleSiteDesign.ps1
# Installs a custom site design and a site script which runs a Flow
[Parameter(Mandatory=$True, Position=1,
HelpMessage='Admin site, such as')]
[string] $Url,
[Parameter(Mandatory=$true, ValueFromPipeline=$True,
HelpMessage='Administrative credentials')]
[object] $Credentials,
[Parameter(HelpMessage='Site design name')]
[string] $SiteDesignName = 'Sample department site',
[Parameter(HelpMessage='Site script name')]
[string] $SiteScriptName = 'Sample',
[Parameter(HelpMessage='Description of site design and script')]
[string] $Description = 'Sample departmental site',
[Parameter(HelpMessage='URL of site logo', Mandatory=$True)]
[string] $LogoUrl,
[Parameter(HelpMessage='Theme name', Mandatory=$True)]
[string] $ThemeName,
[Parameter(HelpMessage='Flow Trigger Url', Mandatory=$True)]
[string] $FlowTriggerUrl = ''
# If credentials were not provided, get them now
if ($Credentials -eq $null) {
$Credentials = Get-Credential -Message 'Enter SharePoint Administrator Credentials'
# Connect to the SharePoint admin service
Connect-SPOService -Url $Url -Credential $Credentials
# Show existing site designs
# Clean up from any previous runs
Get-SPOSiteDesign | Where-Object {$_.Title -eq $SiteDesignName} | Remove-SPOSiteDesign
Get-SPOSiteScript | Where-Object {$_.Title -eq $SiteScriptName} | Remove-SPOSiteScript
# Define a recipe and site design
$scriptJson = @"
'$schema': 'schema.json',
'verb': 'setSiteLogo',
'url': '${LogoUrl}'
'verb': 'applyTheme',
'themeName': '${ThemeName}'
'verb': 'triggerFlow',
'url': '${FlowTriggerUrl}',
'name': 'Running Flow',
'parameters': {
'event': '',
'product': ''
'bindata': { },
'version': 1
Add-SPOSiteScript -Title $SiteScriptName -Description $Description -Content $scriptJson
$siteScript = Get-SPOSiteScript | Where-Object {$_.Title -eq $SiteScriptName}
Add-SPOSiteDesign -Title $SiteDesignName -WebTemplate '68' -SiteScripts $siteScript -Description $Description
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