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Getting Started

Welcome Screen

When you first open Column Formatter you are given the option to start a New project (either from scratch as a blank canvas or using one of the provided templates / wizards) or you can continue from an existing project by choosing Open.

Starting a new project

Choose New on the welcome screen.

The first thing you'll need to do is select the type of column you are targeting in the Column Type dropdown. This will filter the available templates and customize the starting code and sample data as appropriate.

Choose a Template

You can either start from a template (see the Templates section below) or start from scratch (blank canvas).

Opening an existing project

Choose Open on the welcome screen.

You can load an existing Column Formatting json file from a document library or by uploading a file. You can also load the Column Formatting values from an existing local list field.

Loading from a local list

Choose Load from a local list and click Next.

Choose the list and then the corresponding field. Only visible lists are shown (Hidden = false) and only fields that can accept column formatting are shown. Click OK to load the formatting from your list field.

Uploading a file from your computer

Choose Load from a file, pick the Column Type, choose Upload a file and click Next.

You can either drag a *.json file directly on to the window and release in the dashed rectange, or click the button to browse for the file.

Upload a file

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