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Start Flow

Creates a button to easily launch a Flow for an item.

Start Flow Wizard

How to use this wizard

Coming Soon

Getting the Flow id

To launch a flow associated with your list, use the Flow dropdown and select See your flows:

See your flows

In the new window, find the flow you are wanting to launch for the item and click it to go to the details page. In the URL, grab the GUID between flows/ and /details at the very end:

Extract the id

Now paste that id in the Flow id box for the wizard and you're good to go!

To launch a flow, it needs to start with the SharePoint For a selected item trigger and be associated to your list/library.

Customizing the display

Start Flow wizard customizations

You can change the text displayed to anything you like. If you'd like to use the current field's value then you can just type @currentField in the box (use @currentField.title for person columns and @currentField.lookupValue for lookup columns).

The Color dropdown will provide you all the standard Office UI Fabric colors. If you want to provide a custom color, simply edit that property directly in the code.

You can also choose from all of the Office UI Fabric icons using the Icon dropdown. You can even remove the icon altogether by toggling the Show icon option.

This template is based on the generic-start-flow sample by Yannick Borghmans.

Supported column types

  • All




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