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Twitter Pic

Displays Twitter profile pictures from Twitter handles.

Twitter Pic Wizard

How to use this wizard

This wizard provides a quick way to show Twitter profile pictures and enables some quick customization.

Twitter Pic Wizard adjusting the options

Twitter profile pictures come in 3 standard sizes:

Name Size
mini 24x24
normal 48x48
bigger 73x73

There's actually another "size", original, that returns the image using the original proportions as uploaded by the user. This doesn't work well for listviews since there is so much variation, but it is available if you customize the code and change the relevant part of the src url to ?size=original.

By default, clicking the profile image will open a new window for the user's Twitter page. This can be disabled by toggling the Link to profile option.

By default, the user's twitter handle is shown (with the @ added) as a tooltip when you hover over the profile image. This can be disabled by toggling the Show tooltip option.

The field values are case insensitve and should be just the user's twitter handle with no @.

Supported column types

  • Text
  • Choice
  • Lookup




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