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SharePointPro Entity Framework

SharePoint Entity Framework Created By Michael Tippett from SharePointPro.

A SharePoint First Entity Framework to simplify access to SharePoint Online or On Premisis.

Automatically generate SharePoint lists as Entitys. A context is created with all the entity repository for quick access.

CRUD Actions has never been simpler.

Why Not Linq to SharePoint?

Linq to SharePoint is an excellent option (Most likely a better choice for you). Advantages to the SharePoint Entity Framework is it offers out of the box support for file Attachments and Geolocation fields and easy to edit source.


  • Create your SharePoint Lists.
  • Download library and reference SpproFramework in your project.
  • Run SpproFramework.Migrate application and connect to your SharePoint Site. Select Lists and fields and create .cs entity files and Context
  • Instantiate SpContext and access your SharePoint list via a strongly typed created library.
  • Check out wiki for pictures.

Example Code

        SecureString password = FetchPasswordFromConsole(); //Create Secure String Password
            using (var context = new ClientContext(webSPOUrl))  //Create Client Context using Shaerpoint URL
                context.Credentials = new SharePointOnlineCredentials(userName, password);  //Use Credentials
                SpContext SpoContext = new SpContext(context); //Sp Context. Class Named via the SpproFramework GUI
                var property = SpContext.Properties.Query("Id=3")[0];  //Get First entity with ID = 3, Any field can be used to query
                property.Description = "My House"; //Update the Entity Property
                SpContext.UpdateOrCreate(property); //Save Change back to SharePoint


Your project must have the following References:

  • Microsoft.SharePoint.Client
  • Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Runtime
  • System.Device.Location

Lazy Loading

Sppro Entities include lazy loading, simply add a navigation property in the created model, decorate and the Sppro Entity Engine will automatically load objects during any GET call.

Model Snippit Example:

    [SpproNavigationAttribute(NavigationProperty = true, LookupField="QuoteID")]
    public virtual ICollection<QuoteRooms> QuoteRooms { get; set; }

More to come

Sppro Entity is still very much a work in progress. If you have any suggestion please contact me via my webpage. See more here:

I plan on introducing a LINQ provider.