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Shared Mobility

Our Code for Atlanta slack channel: #mobilize.   Our workflow: Trello   Our quick map

1. Fresh Produce Locations

Automate pulling Fresh Produce locations for Georgia to use with Aglanta.

USDA Files - Manually pulled from USDA Website.

Working SheetSee sample map in our Code For Atlanta Repo.

  1. Pull from four USDA data sheets into a combined sheet. Raw sheets will be updated monthly.
  2. Point SheetSee.js at new sheet. Edit this map page
  3. Create a form for adding to Aglanta Google Sheet.

2. Atlanta Shared Mobility APIs

Prepare request to City of Atlanta to require APIs for Shared Mobility similar to Los Angeles API requirement which uses the General Bikeshare Feed Specification (GBFS) API.

Atlanta omitted a specific API requirement in the September 2018 ordinance, but we still have time to input a request from Code For Atlanta. We might find some more leads (cities) in this Google search.

Shared Mobility Map

Where's my next ride? Shared mobility vehicle locations ( API)

Starter Kits

We've forked three starter kits for creating API apps. Choose one and fork it to your city's GitHub account.

RideMap Bike Predict - Address auto-lookup and weather conditions

You'll need a branch called gh-pages to publish
Otherwise the forked Master branch will appear instead of your custom site.
In GitHub Desktop choose "Branch > New Branch" and add one called gh-pages.

How to update your local branch (once you've forked an upstream master listed above):
In Github Desktop, choose menu Branch > Merge Into Current Branch > "upstream/master".
Then click "push origin" to move update into your fork on GitHub.
Add new pages to avoid merge conflicts with master.
We will move the master readme files so you can maintain a unique readme file.

Upcoming Projects

  • Get routing working in Quasar VueJS bike list sample.

  • Add direct link to Angular bike list (under Get Started > Mobility > Available Vehicles)

  • Add Google Location auto-lookup to shared mobility map.
    See RideMap sample. Add to Atlanta Map

  • Add unique Relay Bikes icon to Atlanta Map legend.

  • Add Bird scooter and other vehicle APIs to map.

  • Center the map on user's current location. Add an icon for recentering. Sample:

  • Combine mobile-friendly lists with map.

  • Add other APIs (Air quality, wind speed, etc.) from RideMap Bike Predict sample. Lazy load via modular file.

Previous Projects

  • Pull Bird scooters from the Bird API. Display list with React or VueJS. Document any problems to provide to the City of Atlanta. Our findings: Bird API is not available! Needs to allow for a mile radius, okay to limit requests.