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Svelte Swipe with zero dependencies 🔥 💥
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Svelte Swipe

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Swipable items wrapper component for Svelte 🔥 💥 (zero dependencies - 3.37 KB gzipped)

View the demo.


npm i svelte-swipe



  import { Swipe, SwipeItem } from "svelte-swipe"; // gzipped 3.37 KB

  let autoplay = false;
  let delay = 2000; //ms
  let showIndicators = true;
  let transitionDuration = 1000; //ms
  let defaultIndex = 0; //start from 0


    height: 30vh;
    width: 100%;
    max-width: 100%;
    height: auto;

<div class="swipe-holder">
  <Swipe {showIndicators} {autoplay} {delay} {transitionDuration} {defaultIndex}>
      <img src="./images/1.jpg" alt="">

      <img src="./images/2.jpg" alt="">

      <img src="./images/3.jpg" alt="">

      <img src="./images/4.jpg" alt="">

Pointer event inside Swipe Item



<div class="swipe-holder">
        <button class="has-pointer-event" on:click={sayHi}>Say Hi</button>

Default css custom properties

    --sv-swipe-panel-height: inherit;
    --sv-swipe-panel-width: inherit;
    --sv-swipe-panel-wrapper-index: 2;
    --sv-swipe-indicator-active-color: grey;


Name Type Description Required Default
autoplay Boolean Play items as slide No false
showIndicators Boolean appears clickable circle indicators bottom center of item No false
transitionDuration Number staying duration of per slide/swipe item No 200 *ms
delay Number transition delay No 1000 *ms
defaultIndex Number initial item index No 0

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