Channel Browse plugin for PMS


This is a plugin for PS3 Media Server (PMS) that allows you to browse various online wb tv channels. It allows you to save the content while viewing it.


  • download the Channels jar file and place it in the PMS plugins directory

  • download the Channels files you need and place them in a new directory.

  • you must also download PMSEncoder scripts.

  • shut down PMS; open PMS.conf in a text editor; and add Channel specific configuration see below.

  • restart PMS

  • As an alternative there exists a GUI version see the Wiki.


To upgrade to a new version of the plugin, simply replace the old jar file in the plugins directory with the new version and restart PMS.


To uninstall Channels, remove the jar file from the plugins directory and restart PMS. Also remove any .ch files.


The Channel plugin has the following configuration options all should be entered in the PMS.conf file:

  • channels.path - The path to were the plugin will look for the channel files (.ch). (For example c:\gs_data) This should normally be set to something.

  • channels.poll - The number of milliseconds between the plugin checks for new .ch files.

  • - The path where the plugin will save data. If no path is given (i.e just the " =" is added) the plugin will save use the channels.path/saved as save path.

  • channels.save_ts - If set the plugin will append a timestamp to all files it saves.

  • channels.debug - If set to "true" the plugin will produce debug logging.

  • channels.offhour - Enable offhour downloading. See Wiki for details.

  • - Set the display name instaed of "Channels"

  • channels.img - Set the thumbnail of the top Channels folder.

  • channels.group_folder - If set to "true" the plugin will group movies that are in parts in the same "group folder". PS3 users should not use this since the folder limit will be hit quite easy.

  • channels.movieinfo - If set to "true" the plugin integrates with the MovieInfo plugin (if it is installed).

  • channels.favorite - If set to "false" the plugin wil disable the "Add to favorite" and all favorite handling.

  • channels.navix_upload - Set this to the playlist name of the NaviX playlist to autoupload to when doing "Add to favorite" on NaviX folders.

Writing .ch files

For instructions on how to write .ch files