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SharkHunter edited this page May 10, 2011 · 9 revisions

The Channel plugin has (since 0.35) support for NaviX. NaviX provides you with zillions of playlists to online media. In the Channels pack you'll find a file. This file is rather basic (it only contains the site scraper) and one need to customize this. Add folder where you point out your own playlists or whatever. For example:

folder {
   # My playlist
   name=My playlist

Note!! The folder type MUST be navix. NaviX folders can not contain more data than an url, a name and properties.

In order to get the most out of NaviX you must install the same thing that you must do to use IceFilms (that is PMSEncoder,scripts and get_flash_videos).

NaviX supports many channels and it is impossible to test them all. If you find any problems please post an issue and attach the "channel.log" file (found in your channels dir) and the PMS debug.log plus the PMSEncoder.log.

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