Property list

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This is a table of all properties defined so far in Channels. If a dash - is found in the value column the property has no value and it should be omitted. The used column informs in which of the config blocks the property can be used. The * is a shorthand and should be replaced by either url,name or thumb.

Property Value Used Description
*_separator String all When an url,name or thumb is mad up from more than one match this string is concatenated between the parts (for example a space).
prepend_* String all Prepends the url,name or thumb with the given string.
append_* String all Appends the url,name or thumb with the given string.
auto_media - Item The item equivalent of an empty folder. This means that the item will automatically fetch the next page which the should contain the media.
concat_name rear|front all Will append/prepend the name with the matched name. If name is set to "abc" and the match gives a name of "def" the resulting name string will be "abcdef" if concat_name is front and "defabc" if it is rear. If not set it will be the matched name.
ignore_name - all Ignores the matched name completely and uses the name parameter only.
use_conf_thumb - Media Overrides any matched thumb urls IF a img_tag has been added to the media
other_string String ATZ Link folders Sets the "other" folder (that is anything that isn't A-Z) string. Defaults to "#".
only_first - all Stop after first match is found on a page.
peek - Folders Peek one folder level ahead. If the next folder level is empty (=no matches found) it will not be added
prepend_parenturl - all Prepends the parent object (=folder,item) to the objects matched URL. For example if matched url=/v/x12334dd6r3 and prepend_parenturl is set and the parenturl was the resulting url would be
continue_name String Folders If a folder name matches the regexp the name of a "new" folder that folder will automatically be "opened" and all results found will be concatenated with the results found so far
continue_url String Folders Same as continue_name but for instead it opens the folder if the url matches.
continue_limit Integer Folders Limits how many folder continue_name and continue_url can traverse before it stops. Defaults to 6.
zip_force - Subtitle The subtitle files are to be treated as zip files regardless of whether or not the word zip is found in url.
zip_concat - Subtitle Concatenates all .srt files found in a subtitle zip file in to one large .srt file.
zip_keep - Subtitle Keeps the zip file after it as been extracted. Should only be used for debug.
zip_norename - Subtitle Do not rename the .srt files when unpacking them. By default they are renamed to the name of the media and not to what they are called in the zip file.
iso2 - Subtitle Use 2 letter language codes instead of 3 letter codes (de instead of ger, sv instead of swe etc.)
live - media The meida is a live streaming channel. This indicates important things to RTMP based streams. Set if you are certain that the channel is a live channel
http_method post|get folder Set the http method to use when fetching the page. Defaults to get