Save (or record)

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From version 0.40 the Channels plugin allows you to save the media while watching it just like old time VCRs. Why would you like to do that? All media is on the net,so why store it on my local disc you might ask. Yes it is true but from time to time media is removed, or you might be temporay be blocked (like on MegaUpload). In those situations it might be nice to have your own copy. To enable save simply add = <some path> to PMS.conf,where some path is the path wher you want your saves to end up.

NOTE! Saving (mostly) video is an expensive opeartion. This might lead to performance degradition. If you feel that you loose quality simply switch of save by removing the

If you enable save ALL media will have two entries in the XMB one called "SAVE&PLAY" and one called "PLAY" both will show the same media but the first will also save the media stream. The "PLAY" is the same as runnning with save disabled. If save is disabled there will be no "SAVE&PLAY" and "PLAY" links but just one link leading direct to the media.