Python missile command lookalike and former coursework
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Simplistic Python lookalike of the 1980 hit arcade game Missile Command by Atari, Inc. This was originally developed as a coursework piece for my Year 2 university module "Tool Development for Computer Games", which was graded as a first/distinction (of 90%). This is essentially the same as the final submission, but it has been rewritten to a better standard of code and commenting after submission and has some substantial bugfixes. It is a full screen game and only has single level (at the moment).


"" is the main and latest game source, and is the one you should play or modify. "" is also playable but it is based off an older version (for the actual coursework but not the final submission) that lacks polish - it is included for referencing my older code. "" is a Bresenham's line algorithm implementation and is a dependency.

Target platform

This was developed for Python 2.7.14 on Windows 10 Education 64-Bit with Pygame 1.9.1. The solution should work without a problem on Linux as long as the Python and Pygame versions are similar (or possibly with older releases from the last year as of 2018-07-22), although your mileage may vary.