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Run On Android(AArch64)

Tested Device

Chipset Memory Size GPU Model Device Model System Issue
Rockchip RK3399 4GB Mali-T760 MP4 H96 MAX Android 7.1.2
Rockchip RK3399 4GB Mali-T760 MP4 Rockpro64 Android 7.1.2
Samsung Exynos 7420 3GB Mali-T760 MP8 VR on avl7420 Android 6.0.1
Samsung Exynos 7420 3GB Mali-T760 MP8 SM-G920A Android 7.0
MediaTek MT6797 3GB Mali-T880 MP4 Chuwi Hi9 Pro Tablet Android 8.0.0 TfLite Object Detection
HiSilicon Kirin 970 4GB Mali-G72 MP12 + NPU Huawei Honor 10 Android 8.1.2 TfLite Object Detection

Get Launcher_Termux source code

git clone -b dev

Config authorized_keys for ssh

Open Launcher_Termux, add your in authorized_keys

add authorized keys

Launch Launcher_Termux in Android Studio

Install openssh in Launcher_Termux

pkg install openssh

Remote access to Launcher_Termux through ssh

ssh -p 8022 a@Android_IP

Install development rootfs(Launcher_Termux ssh environment)

pkg update
pkg install wget
cd /data/data/com.termux/files
tar -zxf usr_aarch64_dev_0318_2019.tgz

you can delete usr_aarch64_dev_0318_2019.tgz to save space or just keep it

Test if working

please report issue if you have runtime warning

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/system/lib64:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:$PREFIX/lib64:/system/vendor/lib64/egl:/system/vendor/lib64 python2

import tvm
>>> tvm.__version__

please report issue if you have runtime warning

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/system/lib64:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:$PREFIX/lib64 python2

import mxnet
>>> mxnet.__version__

Get the source code of DeepCamera

git clone
cd DeepCamera
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