TXM The Tournament App

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With TXM you can organize your boardgame, miniatures game or card game tournament. Specialist on FFG games this app will be extended for other games as well.

The current version can be find here: Releases

I. Content

I. Content
II. Features
III. Supported Games
IV. User Manual

II. Features

  • SWISS Random Pairing (for more see FFG's tournament rules)
  • Pairing with/without Cut
  • Periodical Autosave
  • Change pairings manually
  • Reset the results of the last round
  • Disqualify/Drop player
  • Import from/Export to tabletoptournaments (T3)
  • Easy output in BBCode for forums
    ** Table
    ** Pairings
    ** Results
  • Printing (via webbrowser) ** Table
    ** Pairings
    ** Results
  • Timer
    ** Customable background image
    ** Separate window for projector
    ** Settings and current time additionally on the main screen for the organizer
  • Special window for projector with pairings and table with resizable text size by pressing [CTRL] & +/-
  • Fixed table number for player (e. g. wheel chair drivers, streaming/filming)
  • Print pairing stripes for easy distribution and recollection
  • Optional Teamprotection in the first round (not recommend at offical tournaments like Store Championships, Regionals and so on)
  • CSV Import ** save your participant excel list as csv and import it ** you can see and download an example here: ImportCSVExample.CSV

III. Supported Games

  • A Game of Thrones™: The Card Game 2nd Edition
  • Android Netrunner: The Card Game
  • Legend of the Five Rings™: The Card Game (experimental)
  • Runewars Miniatures Game
  • Star Wars™: Armada
  • Star Wars™: Destiny
  • Star Wars™: Imperial Assault
  • Star Wars™: Legion (experimental)
  • Star Wars™: The Card Game
  • Star Wars™: X-Wing™ Miniatures Game

IV. User Manual

The manual is a work in progress. Please be patient. Some features might not be intuative, so im trying to explain them here: User Manual And hopefully I can create a full manual later on...

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