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Annotations for grid graphics #37

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It would be nice to drop coordinates and annotations into grid graphics. For base graphics, the grconvertX and grconvertY functions are used. However, grid graphics are a bit different because the actual location of a point is unknown until it is rendered to a viewport --- not technically true, locations in a viewport are unknown until it is pushed to a graphics device.

A possible solution could be to provide an "annotation object" that could be combined with other grid objects and printed to viewports. Upon printing, this annotation object would insert information at the appropriate point.


Possible function of interest:


Doesn't look that special in the man pages, but Paul Murrell said the following:

current.transform() transforms from inches within the current viewport
to inches on the overall device.

Sounds like something that can be used to fill the function of grconvertX and grconvertY.

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