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For science.


Recent versions of Homebrew have the ability to install brews from both URLs and local file paths.

This repository contains UNOFFICIAL brews that have not been accepted into the master branch. Most formulae in this repository focus on software that is very specific to certain scientific disciplines and would probably be seen as "clutter" or "noise" by most Homebrew users.

Additionally, some of the brews provided here install software for which the source code is not freely available for download. Users of these brews will have to obtain the source code directly from the respective authors.

These brews can be installed via the raw GitHub URLs, or by cloning this repository locally and installing off the local disk.



Brews for geospatial tools and libraries.


These brews provide non-free software. In most cases, the user will be required to obtain the source code and place it in Homebrew's cache directory before installing. The cache directory is usually located at:



Brews that make use of a native Quartz-based GTK+ library rather than the one in mxcl/master which targets X11. Most everything here is highly experimental and builds keg-only.


Brews for scientific tools or libraries.


Brews that are either works in progress or not thoroughly tested. Here there be dragons!

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