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Use cc -E, not cpp -E. Fixes #15402.

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1 parent 50edb49 commit ae03003fbbb3c5d79bdb3ca640059325c675dc97 @mxcl mxcl committed Oct 27, 2012
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2 Library/ENV/4.3/cc
@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ class Cmd
def tool
@tool ||= case @arg0
when 'ld' then 'ld'
- when 'cc', 'c99', 'c89'
+ when 'cc', 'c99', 'c89', 'cpp'
# Ideally we would run `cx9`, however these tools are POSIX compliant
# and don't support many flags. We need -isystem for instance, but also
# reliability is generally much higher if we just get clang/gcc to do

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