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@@ -243,6 +243,21 @@ For the full command list, see the COMMANDS section.
* `search --macports`|`--fink` <text>:
Search for <text> on the MacPorts or Fink package search page.
+ * `tap list`:
+ List all repositories that have been locally cloned and whose formulae are
+ available for brewing. Also list all repositories in the Homebrew-Alt
+ network that can be cloned using `brew tap add`.
+ * `tap add` <repository>:
+ Clone a repository so that the formulae it contains will be accessable to
+ other `brew tap` subcommands. <repository> is the name given by `brew tap
+ list` but case-sensitive partial matching is also used. See examples
+ section for details on partial matching.
+ * `tap remove` <repository>:
+ Remove a cloned repository from the system. <repository> follows the
+ same rules outlined above for `brew tap add`
* `test` <formula>:
A few formulae provide a test method. `brew test <formula>` runs this
test method. There is no standard output or return code, but it should

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