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Commits on Jun 25, 2012
@mistydemeo mistydemeo Hotfix for stack overflow
Under certain circumstances, MacOS.locate and MacOS.dev_tools_path would call
each other recursively. This was limited to systems with Xcode minus the CLT.
See #13012.
@mistydemeo mistydemeo MacOS.sdk_path: chomp harder!
There were two newlines being returned by the command being called in sdk_path,
not just one.
@mistydemeo mistydemeo MacOS.sdk_path: make sure xcode-select is sane
According to a user on IRC with a brand-new Mac, xcode-select is preconfigured
to /Developer out of the box even though that doesn't exist on modern Xcode.
So we shouldn't trust that it makes any sense.
@mistydemeo mistydemeo MacOS.sdk_path: use strip instead of chomp.chomp 2c7ed94
@mistydemeo mistydemeo MacOS.sdk_path: silence stderr from xcode-select f296cf8
Commits on Jun 26, 2012
@mikemcquaid mikemcquaid Improve bug report wiki page text.
Fixes #12674.
@jacknagel jacknagel Clean up --config output
Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
@jacknagel jacknagel config: omit Xcode path for CLT-only systems
Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
Commits on Jun 27, 2012
@samueljohn samueljohn doctor: check for ~/.pydistutils.cfg
Closes #12363.

Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
@adamv adamv Simplify check_non_libraries 9dbf924
@adamv adamv Homebrew 0.9.1
Bump the version number due to the Xcode/CLT change.
@samueljohn samueljohn Fix #13012 properly and don't set the SDK if CLT
Undoing parts of the hot fix 78b9e85.

The only thing missing was to check for `system "/usr/bin/xcrun -find make 1>/dev/null 2>&1"`
and then it's safe to call locate.

This commit restores the original functionality but without the risk for recursion
and improves the logic of `MacOS.locate`. See below.

To important changes in this commit:

- For Xcode _and_ CLT: don't add the SDK and leave things as before.
So if `MacOS.clt_installed?`, then no `SDKROOT` and `-L` and `-I`
directories are set in `ENV.macosxsdk`.

- Improved the logic for `MacOS.locate` for Xcode-only situations
by assuring that the xcode-select path is correct. This is done
by checking that `bin/make` exists and is executable. Otherwise it
was possible to set xcode-select to an empty dir.
This check is done in `MacOS.sdk_path` too.
We are now able to use Xcode wherever it is and can work even, if
xcode-select is set to invalid values. (Remember some users don't
have sudo access and that is needed to fix xcode-select).

Some minor whitespace fixes.
Minor backtick fix in doctor.rb's printout.

Signed-off-by: Adam Vandenberg <>
@adamv adamv remove confusing comments 80f2bfe
@adamv adamv Refactor MacOS.
* call `xcode-select` once and cache the result
* reuse functions where appropriate
@adamv adamv Extract MacOS module to separate file 81e6c1e
Commits on Jun 28, 2012
@jacknagel jacknagel Organize compiler methods
Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
Commits on Jun 29, 2012
@jacknagel jacknagel Refactor PATH setup
 - Make ORIGINAL_PATHS an array of Pathnames instead of strings
 - Append the dev tools path once in global.rb instead of build.rb

Closes #13075.

Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
@jacknagel jacknagel Add mdfind method to MacOS module
Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
@samueljohn samueljohn doctor: suggest the correct xcode-select path to the user
Shortened the part about the CLT-only systems, because this message is
never shown to them.

Closes #13061.

Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
Commits on Jun 30, 2012
@jacknagel jacknagel Address some style issues in MacOS module
Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
@jacknagel jacknagel Clarify comment
Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
Commits on Jul 01, 2012
@camillol camillol use XQuartz when present 8120eed
@camillol camillol add method to find XQuartz version efce4e6
@camillol camillol depends_on :x11 syntax support f6804e6
@camillol camillol Simplify DependencyCollector#add dab34af
@camillol camillol Add depends_on :libpng as an alias to :x11
Some formulae ask for the x11 environment with ENV.libpng; mirror this
in the new dependency form.
@camillol camillol ENV.x11 automatically if depends_on :x11 f78802a
@camillol camillol Better error message for unknown dep symbol cba9638
@camillol camillol Better describe X11 in brew --config 1a506e5
@jacknagel jacknagel Update doctor checks for XQuartz
 - pkg-config no longer defaults to checking /usr/X11/lib/pkgconfig;
   instead this path is added via ENV.x11 or depends_on :x11. Formulae
   that expect X11 libs should be explicitly marked as depends_on :x11.
 - Remove warning about /usr/X11 as a symlink.

Signed-off-by: Jack Nagel <>
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