An Erlang application for interfacing to Rserve- the binary R server
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Rserve: Erlang

This is an Erlang application that handles communication with the Rserve- the binary R server.

This package is currently a prototype- error handling is non-existant, only one Rserve command is implemented and the (ab)use of logging is pretty pathetic. However, the following commands should work:

rserve_server:start_link( 6311 ). % Connect to Rserve on port 6311
rserve_server:eval( "1+1" ). % Execute the R command 1 + 1 
"[1] 2"


This application can be compiled using the Sinan build tool and installed with the Faxien package manager:

sinan build
sinan dist
faxien ir

There may also be some whining by the build tools if you are not using Erlang R14A.