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This project aims to create a certain place of understanding to the user so that he can understand text more easily instead of reading the whole book this project aims to create a system to extract text from the certain book or pdf and then creation of visual graphs in order to extract that particular text
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This project deals with the creation of certain notes from a book.

This project involves one of the research work of creating a project that deals with the creation of visually interactive graphs when we pass that module any kind of notebook of any kind of image file you just need to specify the type of image you need to pass on to that document and it will do all the hard work for you by itself by creating of certain nodes with the help of one of the most advanced library of python for desktop creation using Tkinter.

This project uses the help of certain great libraries of python:-

  • Tkinter
  • Pillow
  • NLTK
  • Pytesseract
  • re
  • numpy
  • WordNetLemmatizer
  • stopwords
  • PypDF2
  • Translator

You can enjoy certain features of these vast set of features by just passing the module with the required image or pdf file and then by passing the image it will draw the graph for you and then after that we can also translate that in any other language for active understanding of that project.


Download or Clone the repository

git clone

Enter the Repository

cd bookish-invention


bash install

Code to run the required project after installing all the necessary requirements

python --name_of_the_file 


python /directory/to/file/image.png

python ./

After running the code

You will be prompted to whether you want to translate the text and the language you want to translate the text.

For default language you can use :- Hindi/English

You will see the image that you are preforming the required operations. After that image is being displayed you just need to type any key to follow up further.

After successful implementation you will see



User Prompt




Text Generation

Text Gen

So Buckle Up Guys Your Notes For Exams Are ready !!

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