Integration of Behat and BrowserMobProxy
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#Behat and BrowserMobProxy


Install PHPBrowserMob Proxy

   $ sudo pear channel-discover
   $ sudo pear install -f element-34/PHPBrowserMobProxy
   $ sudo pear install -f element-34/Requests

Download latest version of the BrowserMob Proxy & Start it

    $ cd browsermob-proxy-2.0-beta-6/
    $ cd bin
    $ sh browsermob-proxy -port 9090

Download Selenium Server and Start it

   $ java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.25.0.jar

#Install Behat & Run feature

    $ curl | php
    $ php composer.phar install

Now Run Behat to see test running in the browser

    $ ./bin/behat

#HAR file Generated See the HAR file is generated at '/tmp/BROWSERMOBHAR.har'

Use it for further tweaks