A games library and mobile chat application.
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Connect With Gamers

Discover new games today!
A games library and mobile chat application.
By Shawn Andrews

Table of Contents


  • Search games: Find related games by searching its name, like Zelda.
  • View recently released games: Look at which games have been released the past month.
  • View upcoming games: Discover new and exciting games soon to be released and on which platform.
  • View popular games by platform: Filter games by the most popular PC, console, and handheld platform.
  • Up-to-date Steam price: Keep notified with new discounts to get the best possible price.
  • 84,000 Games - One of the largest collection of games is at your fingertips.
  • 5-star reviews - Pick the best game for you based on actual user reviews.
  • Global Chatroom - Talk with fellow gamers about exciting new releases with all your favorite emojis and custom emotes.
  • Linked gaming platforms - Link your gaming profiles such as Twitch, Discord and Steam so people know where to find you.


View patch notes


  • Initial release


  • Account login
    • Updated login, signup button
    • Updated Remember Me slider
  • Account Settings
    • Added ability to change password
    • Changed saving individual settings into one save button
    • Added ability to Add/Update/Delete profile pictures
      • Using Imgur image hosting
    • Added slider to expand and collapse gaming links
  • Chatroom
    • Added text to show if message was Today, Yesterday, etc for improved readability
    • Added iMessage chat bubbles
      • Clickable to show time stamp
    • Updated send bar to send messages
    • Updated screen to view users in chatroom
      • Updated UI
      • Added text to show how long ago was the last activity of a user
  • Menu
    • Added Game Trailer vidoes
    • Added Steam Reviews
    • Added ability to search games by genre
    • Changed Popular Games By Platform to Exclusive Games By Platform
    • Added Read More for long summaries for improved readability
    • Added clickable platforms and genres


  • Chatroom
    • Added top and side nav bar
    • Moved User List to side nav
      • Updated user list UI
      • Added multi-bubble for subsequent messages from the same person
      • Added ability to use pictures in messages
  • Menu
    • Updated Game Screen UI
  • Account
    • Added email verification
      • Email sent on account creation and resent on request
  • Other
    • Added SSL support
    • Code cleanup
      • Add comments
      • Split heavy files into smaller ones
      • Seperate components into container and presentational components


  • Menu
    • Added Gaming Profiles
      • Ability to view your followed live Twitch streams
      • Ability to view your Steam friends list
      • Ability to copy your Discord server's link to send to friends


  • Login
    • Updated login screen to be fullscreen
  • Chatroom
    • Updated chatrooms
      • Severals new channels for the most popular video games
    • Added user list bar
      • Ability to see other user's time of most recent activity
      • Ability to click on a user for more detailed information
    • Added search feature
      • Find users by name for more detailed information
    • Added settings feature
      • View all emotes available and who uploaded them
      • Create your own custom emote
    • Updated messaging
      • Ability to use Emojis, Animated Emojis, and image attachments


  • Login
    • Added back button
  • Menu
    • Updated promotional infographic
    • Updated to include news popular, upcoming and recent games as well as gaming news articles
    • Added Advanced Search feature
      • Includes 4 filters, Popularity, Category, Genre and Platform
      • Includes sorting by Release Date, Popularity, and Alphabetic
      • Easy to use simply by swiping left on any menu screen
    • Updated results screen
      • Increased games shown to 50
      • Updated game information to include pricing, genres and steam link (where applicable)


Create a file called config.ts in the root directory based off the default settings located in configTemplate.ts.

import { Config } from "./client/client-server-common/common";

const config: Config = { 

export default config;

Follow the same routine for creating a file called database.json in the root directory based off the default settings located in databaseTemplate.json and ensure these values match those for the database property in config.ts.

SSL information: If you plan to use SSL set "useStrictlyHttps:true" and "https: { key: <path-to-key>.pem, cert: <path-to-certificate>.crt, ca: <path-to-bundle>.ca-bundle }" to the appropriate paths in the config file.


Apart from the included NPM packages, there are additional components and API's required to run this program without error.

  • Redis: This is required to save API calls to IGDB in memory.
  • MySQL Server: This is required to save Accounts, Authenticaiton Tokens, Chat Emotes, and Chatroom Messages.
  • IGDB: You are required to have an IGDB account with a valid API key present in the config file to perform API queries.
  • Imgur: You are required to have a valid Imgur API key.
  • Steam: No API key is required for the current application's requests.
  • SMTP: For account email verification you must set valid SMTP account credentials via the config property "smtp".


Setting up the database requires the following steps:

  • Start your MySQL server.
  • Ensure the database account and connection information located in database.json and config.ts matches eachother.
  • Run the following commands in the root directory to create the database and necessary tables.
db-migrate db:create connectwithgamers
db-migrate up --config database.json -e prod


Back-end unit testing on the NodeJS server uses Mocha, Nyc, Istanbul and is available through the following script:

npm run test-with-coverage

In addition to the text summary, an html coverage report will be generated in /coverage/lcov-report/index.html


How do i run this website on my own?

  • Ensure your MySQL server is running and you have a copy of the database using the Migrations guide.
  • Ensure your Redis server is running.
  • Ensure your HTTP, HTTPS(if enabled) and Chat server ports are forwarded.
  • You may now access the website via localhost.


  • Install

Execute the following commands to install npm packages for the client and server:

cd client
npm install
cd ..
npm install
  • Build

To build the project using webpack and compile the typescript, execute the following commands:

cd client
npm run client-prod
cd ..
npm run server-prod

This will build the production version of the client, server and chat server in the respective /dist folder.

  • Run

You have two options for running the server. The first involves a single process handling requests, and the other is cluster mode which will create duplicate processes on each CPU core and spread requests across them to improve CPU task performance.

#1 (non-cluster mode):

  • Shell #1 npm run server
  • Shell #2 npm run chat-server

#2 (cluster mode):

  • Shell #1 node runcluster.js
  • Shell #2 npm run chat-server

This will start running the HTTP/HTTPS web and chat server. You may now access the site via localhost.


Why is it called Connect With Gamers?

This website was designed to encourage fellow gamers to meet by talking in chat, viewing each others gaming profile, and giving them a library of games to talk about.

Do you have other projects i can check out?

Of course! You can check them out on my portfolio website at saportfolio.ca

Where can i get a copy of the database?

Use my Migrations guide located above.

How was this project developed?

Using React, Redis, Redux, NodeJS, Mocha, MySQL, and SocketIO.