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A better sleep app made as a project for Software Engineering 374 at the University of Regina


  • Shawn Clake
  • Sam Dietrich
  • Uys Kriek
  • Jennifer Herasymuik


As University students, we find getting a good nights sleep and maintaining a sleeping pattern is often tricky. While there are apps which address this issue in various ways, our app will tackle the relationship between your fitness and sleep while also providing various methods to aid a person in sticking with their sleeping pattern.

Our app will utilize a fitbit to measure a person's heart rate and movement throughout the day and night. The goal is to draw a comparison between a person's daily activities and their sleep quality. Using this data, we will provide suggestions for having a better sleep. Other features we are planning, but have not finalized, are bedtime reminders, wake up alarms, soothing music, links to articles about the importance of sleep, trivia facts about sleep, an achievement/goal system, and a dream/idea journal.

Current Feature List

  • Register/Login
  • Quasi-FitBit querying
  • Quasi-Graphing from FitBit data
  • Setting Reminders

Upcoming Features

  • Sessions/Logout
  • Utilizing Reminders
  • Wake up alarms
  • Providing suggestions to improve sleep

Planned Features

  • Soothing music
  • External links to sleep health articles
  • Trivia facts about sleep
  • Goal/Achievement system
  • Dream/Idea journal
  • Central Database
  • Documentation

Planned supported devices

  • Android 4.0+