A game development experiment
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A game development experiment


Unmortal's is a game thoughtout by myself and inspired by many friends throughout my life.

The underlying theme to Unmortals is meant to convey a very personal connection to many people. More to come on this soon.

At the same time, I will be releasing a tutorial series on Youtube on my progress on Unmortals.

What is Unmortals?

Unmortals is a multiplayer RPG based on story line. I hope that at some point Unmortal's will get to a point where it can be crowd sourced into becomming even more awesome!

Is Unmortal's free?

Yes it is :). If Unmortal's becomes popular to a point where I need to receive some money to support my living expenses while developing then I may try and green light on steam. However, even if that were the case I would be taking a one time <= $20 fee approach with continual updates.

Who is Unmortal's target audience?

Really, anyone can find a fun time in Unmortals. Unmortal's is a multiplayer RPG meant to convery story and not simply quests and battles. In fact, Unmortals is inspired by tough experiences people do go through in their lives and that's the part where crowd sourcing comes in.