An Unprecedented approach to web development
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An Unprecedented approach to web development

Unprecedented is a WIP. It is not currently functional and is in its initial development.

Prototyping ETA: August 30th.

ETA's are not final and are subject to minor or drastic change. They simply exist to give an idea of activity.


================================================= UNPRECEDENTED An Unprecedented approach to web dev Original Author: Shawn Clake Official Maintainer: Shawn Clake Registered under: GNU license Main Version: V0.00.01

To the reader,

This is not yet a functional program. It is still in initial development. I hope to have a working prototype by June 30th however that is subject to minor or drastic change.

Please feel free to add pull requests for changes to my code. If something is badly coded or unoptomized please let me know, but also provide a why and a method to fix the problem.

This is my first major project which has gone through months of vigerous planning and organizing. I am new to github, so please go easy on me with respect to major project structure and github structure.

Thanks, Shawn Clake

Unprecedented is best explained by seeing it in action. If I feel interested at some point, I will try and detail a description of what unprecedented is.

Source File commenting... in progress......