The remake of my Unprecedented compiler using Java instead of C++
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The remake of my Unprecedented compiler using Java instead of C++


Unprecedented (unp) features four distinct functions

  1. (RUNP) Routing
  2. (CUNP) Compiling
  3. (DIUNP) Dynamic Interpretation
  4. (WSUNP) Web Server

Additionally, unp can be used as a flexible quick dev approach to modern web development. Components are built your way without worrying about the language or any driver building.

UNP makes it possible to quickly deploy flexible API's which incorporate API documentation from the get-go

Server side logic is simple with the proper driver installed. For example, boot up your PHP server, and run UNP with the UNP_PHP driver and UNP handles any bridging required.

Additionally, you can choose to use some or all of UNP's distinct functions. Just want to use the UNP compiler? That's fine! Want to use the UNP router? That's fine too! Want to use UNP to host your website or RESTful API? That's works great too.

What can't UNP do?

  • UNP does not, and will not integrate well with full fledged server side frameworks when using the Routing and Web Server capabilities
  • UNP does not provide interpretation support without also using the Web Server capability