A Vanilla Forums Integration Bundle for Laravel Applications
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This repository will soon be deleted. If you'd like to keep the code, please fork the repository. I can also transfer ownership of the repository to you if you prefer.

A Vanilla Forums Integration Bundle for Laravel Applications

Version: 1.0

Vanilla Forums is popular open-source forum software that is basically the best-in-class when it comes to integrating into your site.

Feature Overview

  • Supports both ProxyConnect and JSConnect integration methods
  • Instantly integrate any site which uses Laravel Auth
  • Customizable to work within any system


Install with artisan

php artisan bundle:install vanilla-integration

or, clone the project into bundles/vanilla-integration.

Then, update your bundles.php to auto-start the bundle.

return array(
    'vanilla-integration' => array( 'auto' => true ),

Configure The Bundle

Choose your integration type: ProxyConnect or JSConnect in config/integration.php.

Verify that the get_user closure works for your site and make any necessary changes. Default is:

'get_user'  => function()

    // return an array containing the following keys:
    // uniqueid, name, email, and photourl

    // photourl is a full url
    // ( http://example.com/images/whatever.png )

    // if a user isn't signed on then the jsconnect
    // documentation suggests that you should return
    // an array that contains the name and photourl
    // keys with blank values

    if( Auth::check() )
        return array(
            'uniqueid' => Auth::user()->id,
            'name'     => Auth::user()->real_name,
            'email'    => Auth::user()->email,
            'photourl' => '',
        return array(
            'name'     => '',
            'photourl' => '',


If using JSConnect configure based on your Vanilla Forums settings.

/* JSConnect specific configuration. Ignore for ProxyConnect */

'jsconnect_client_id' => 'client id goes here',
'jsconnect_secret'    => 'secret key goes here',

// set to true to use MD5, set to NULL to use no additional security

'jsconnect_secure'    => true,

// timeout set to 1 day

'timeout'   => 60 * 24,

'login_url' => URL::to( 'login' ),

Configure Vanilla Forums

  1. Install the integration plugin of your choice (ProxyConnect or JSConnect)

  2. Configure the authentication plugin. Your authentication URL is yoursite.com/forum_authenticate (this can be changed in the bundle's start.php).

  3. Give it a go!


  • I'm sure that some of this could be refactored a bit. I threw this together quick-like and will update it when I can.
  • Community participation would be appreciated.
  • To force Vanilla to clear its authentication cache use the following code to drop its cookies:

    setcookie("Vanilla", "deleted", time() - 1,'/', "", false); setcookie("Vanilla-Volatile", "deleted", time() - 1, '/', "", false);