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Python fixed-width to/from dict converter.
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Easy two-way conversion between Python dictionaries and fixed-width files. The FixedWidth class has been used in production without modification for several years.

This module has also proven useful for "debugging" a fixed-width spec -- an invalid configuration reports an error that may not be obvious from reading the spec document.

Requires a 'config' dictonary. See unit tests for full example.

Small example:


    'first_name': {
        'required': True,
        'type': 'string',
        'start_pos': 1,
        'end_pos': 10,
        'alignment': 'left',
        'padding': ' '

    'last_name': {
        'required': True,
        'type': 'string',
        'start_pos': 11,
        'end_pos': 30,
        'alignment': 'left',
        'padding': ' '



  1. A field must have a start_pos and either an end_pos or a length. If both an end_pos and a length are provided, they must not conflict.
  2. A field may not have a default value if it is required.
  3. Supported types are string, integer, and decimal.
  4. Alignment and padding are required.
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