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Burning Vocabulary Copyright. Burning Vocabulary版权声明
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Burning Vocabulary Copyright

This project is to protect Burning Vocabulary from steal and describe its copyright


What is Burning Vocabulary

Burning Vocabulary is a Chrome browser extension. It helps expand your vocabulary fast and effectively by mark the words you don't understand while surfing the web.

Copyright Notice

Burning Vocabulary is original.
Burning Vocabulary's founder is 游少华(English name: Shawn You).
Burning Vocabulary was created in Aug. 2019.
The repository commit history as proven.
Here is detail of Burning Vocabulary below.

Burning Vocabulary's Logo


Burning Vocabulary's Features

  • Mark words on any web page.
  • Auto-mark on any web page, auto-mark the original type of word.
  • Check the word's definition (30+ language).
  • Calendar vocabulary.
  • Vocabulary flashcards.
  • Word's sentence screenshot.
  • Completely payment (Will auto-generate license).
  • User can import batch vocabulary.
  • User can modify/change the definition of marked words.

Burning Vocabulary's born

Burning Vocabulary's creator is a Chinese engineer named 游少华(English name: Shawn You) in Aug. 2019.
He has the idea while he read some English articles.
Shawn's personal website

Social Media


Burning Vocabulary's official website

Burning Vocabulary's Chrome extension

Burning Vocabulary on Producthunt

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