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Micro version of JOVE - Multimode filter
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Micro version of JOVE - Multimode filter, originally by System 80

Warning for DIY beginners - this project is a hard to build with dense PCB and low pitch ic's which requires experience in SMD soldering.

If you care about this project - DO NOT SELL ASSEMBLED MODULES, Build only for your own use!

Plum Audio uJove is 8hp version of Jove - Multimode filter By System 80 that is inspired by the Roland Jupiter 6 filter.

uJuve is exactly the same circuit as the original 14 hp Juve with the same amazing sound.

2 extra modifications have been added to increase the sound variety:

  1. When no jack is plugged in to input 2 Positive feedback from the output to input 2 is activated. the feedback level can be controlled by LEVEL 2 knob.
  2. Input 2 level knob can add 6dB of gain, 0dB on the middle, +6dB (clipping) when fully clockwise.

4 Leds of the original 14 hp Jove replaced by one RGB Led

Modes colours: RED - LP24 , ORANGE - LP12 , BLUE - BP , GREEN - HP

About Positive Feedback:

Resonance = inverted feedback

Positive feedback should distort the signal.

In LP2/4 modes (red/orange) the positive feedback alone can make pulses.

it’s better to mix between positive and negative feedback to achieve distorted worm sound. Also try to use input 2 in LP modes and the positive feedback become clipper (attenuation until middle position of the knob and clipping from middle position)

The positive feedback sounds much better in BP/HP modes (blue/green) to achive great distortion.

uJove is available only as DIY project, for pcb's and panels:

Assembling Video (Part 1):

uJove at YouTube

Image of uJOVE

Image of uJOVE

Image of uJOVE

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