Generates a new Item set based upon other item sets.
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Hello Riot,

big fan of your game. Anyways, down to buisness. This app is entierly written in java so it actually does not use your API at all; however, it is an interesting program that uses item sets and attempts to involve the LoL community. See: my community website. The app is relatively simple to use. It is a javafx program so simply run it and a prompt box will pop up for the user.

Within this git repo under out/artifacts/StatisticalItemSetGenerator/ there is a .jar file that can be run. The first text field is for the file path (make sure you put a slash at the end of the file path as well like: C:Riot\ItemSets\ or /Users/Rito/Riot/ItemSets/). The second text field is for the Champion name. Say I am collecting item sets for Thresh, I need to name the item set something unique so its gotta involve Thresh some how (also I make it so only Thresh can use that item set). The third and final text field is for how many items one wishes to have in the newly generated item set. I found 35-40 to be a good number but I will find out more once the community gives me a lot of item sets. Hopefully you have seen the Reddit post I will make for this app. I hope to bring the community together with this app to create some interesting builds. (Of course it will be interesting to see how people will react to this and see if they will troll it and make crazy builds. It would be fun to challenge friends to play with only these item sets that are generated by the app.)

I hope you guys like my simple little app. I threw it together pretty quickly (as soon as I saw the API challenge I just had to start coding) but I hope it is interesting to you guys. I know its interesting for me analyzing all of these item sets and seeing the results. Maybe later I will upload some of the data to the github.

Thanks for Reading